Juliana Piquero  was born in Buenos Aires, but is a Berlin based artist . She is a choreographer, dancer and yoga teacher engaged with kinetic research. She has been an athlete for ten years and she has studied social communication when she came to dance. She searches for the effectiveness of the undefined to blur borders of the dichotomous concepts such as the natural and the artificial, understanding the complexity of the body as technology. Her piece “surviving_fragment I: everything is possible in this space in between” received in Stockholm the award Best Innovation in Performance. In 2015 she completed an MA in Performing Arts and Visual Culture. She is part of the collective garage, a space that offers possibilities to research, create and produce in field of performing arts. She presents her work in theatres such as Ballhaus Naunynstrasse and Sophiensaele in Berlin and Teatro Pradillo in Madrid. In 2019 her last stage piece “Fan de Ellas” has been presented at the theater Sophiensaele. Parallel to her ongoing artistic research, she studies Spanish Sign Language to develop educational and creative projects related to the body and to work together with Deaf people.