Juliana Piquero and Jasmin İhraç develop together site-specific performances that deal with the temporal changes of spaces.

For MicaMoca’s “Tempelhofer Wald” performances, tours, lectures, screenings and other events on the theme of “Old rooms, new content” were organised in the former Tempelhof airport. With the participation of numerous artists, urbanists and activists, the project ventured into utopia and, beyond political constraints, addresses the question of the design of increasingly scarce urban spaces.

Concept : Jasmin Ihraç and Juliana Piquero Performance: Jasmin Ihraç, Juliana Piquero, Alex Viteri

This performance is supported by MICA MOCA in the context of Tempelhofer Wald


In Hybrid Territories they are working in the garden of Riad Denise Masson Marocco, which recreates the question of public and private space. Through objects that are collected from the city, they bring the idea of ​​sculpture intertwining poses, objects, gestures and the audience.

Concept and Performance: Jasmin Ihraç, Juliana Piquero

This performance is supported by Festival On Marche Marrakech and Goethe Institut

İhraç and Piquero invite the audience to see the space of the Sommerbad Humboldthain from another point of view: on several stations around TROPEZ İhraç and Piquero initiate playful and interactive performances that activate the fantastic potential of the space. They suppose that the pool as a social space is made by the confrontation of different realities and playful/daily interactions. The performance and installation intend to highlight how play can be another praxis for dialogue and exchange that brings people together. How does the Sommerabad transform when its main actors are absent? The visitors can follow the artists on an eventful afternoon and experience a veritable pool parkour.

Concept, Performance and Video Installation: Jasmin Ihraç, Juliana Piquero

This project is supported by TROPEZ im Sommerbad Humboldthain.

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