TROPICAL URBANO: a dance and music research

Born in the Música Tropical, a Latin American music and dance genre, I explore the influence of the Música Tropical on the history of migration. How can historical and biographical memory manifest in the body? Together with colleagues we work with salsa and cumbia. For us, questioning the representation of gender roles in these tropical styles with its heteronormative couple dance is an important concern. However, beyond the aesthetic and artistic form, we are also concerned with the Música Tropical as an expression of political action through history, lyrics, rhythm and social context.

Concept: Juliana Piquero Rosenberg / Choreography: Juliana Piquero, Jair Luna / Performance: Catalina Fernández, Jair Luna, Juliana Piquero / Music, sound, lighting: Catalina Fernández

This project is supported by Sophiensaele, Tanztage Berlin and Garage Tanz Berlin.

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