Vibes for Utopia

fanni fraktal is back from North Rhine-Westphalia and happy to show the results of Dance Research NRW#5 in Studio 44 in Berlin. In our trans-active, mediative and performative session you will hear many voices that speak about a different society, as they criticize the present one. We use the energetic potential of these speeches in combination with light, sound and movement to create collective atmospheres with you.

a.o.with voices and speeches from:
Bini Adamczak, Oliver Kontny, Angela Davis, Tümay Kılınçel, Malcom X, Serhat Karakayalı, Rosa Luxemburg, Cornel West, Barack Obama, Judith Butler, Rudi Dutschke, Rakel Dink, Jana Pareigis, Sibylle Schmidt, Bob Marley, Helke Sander, Christine Delphy, Ruhi Su, Kanak Attak, Ghislaine Soissong, Patrice Lumumba, Liana Kanelli, Pilar Ayala, Alexandra Kollontai, Salvador Allende, Saul Williams, Yılmaz Güney

In the frame of Dance Research NRW the collective fanni fraktal worked for three months at Brotfabrik Bonn. On the basis of two examples – carnival and public political speeches – the research dealt with dynamics of collectivity, how collective energy can be generated and which physical states it implies. The main aspects of these concrete examples were translated into abstract principles like (des)crescendo and constant repetition and used for the work with different media.

Idea/Concept: fanni fraktal Performance: Jasmin İhraç, Juliana Piquero Stage/Light/Sound: Catalina Fernández Costumes: Katharina Flemming Photos: Roland Laub

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