surviving_fragment II: crossed situations are fine

Our body, what more in common do we, humans have? surviving II deals with the idea of the Other. An encounter between bodies interrupted in time and involved in a conversation, are suspended to be recaptured. How do we dialogue and co-exist? The work “crossed situations are fine” experiments with an environment in which persons search for abilities to immerse themselves in a shared ground: exercising community, The piece maps the territory where switching nodes becomes stories, held together through invisible links connecting our bodies.

Concept: Juliana Piquero. Choreography / Performance: Juliana Piquero, Abel Navarro. Lighting / Sound: Catalina Fernández. Stage: Simon Winter, Laura Gamberg. Dramaturgy: Lidy Mouw. Production: Ulrike Straube, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse. 

A prudcution by Juliana Piquero supported by kulturSprünge e.V at the theater Ballhaus Naunynstraße

Ballhaus Naunynstrasse 2013-16, Berlin


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