«The starting point of Juliana Piquero´s research is to deal with ambiguity, studying problems of in-definition. In order to explore this, she addresses the illegible from coding. She develops practices with text, sound and objects finding in overlapping one way to generate mechanisms of illegibility. Coming from dance Piquero questions what happens if choreography is sound? Using partitures and transcription as creation systems, she develops practices in which different overlays generate what she names “Built Uncertainty”, creating a framework where silence claims its existence. One of her practices deals with her body as the mediator between a film track and the audience; removing and overlapping layers that fade meanings and question how much we are able to perceive and understand». A. Elena Azzedin

Concept / Performance: Juliana Piquero Rosenberg

Centro Negra – Prácticas Contemporáneas, Murcia /  Espacio B / Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid

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