Ephemeral Forests

Concept : Jasmin Ihraç and Juliana Piquero Performance: Ihraç, Piquero, Viteri
This project is supported by MICA MOCA in the context of Tempelhofer Wald.

Hybrid Territories

Juliana Piquero and Jasmin İhraç develop together site-specific performances that deal with the temporal changes of spaces. In Hybrid Territories they are working in the garden of Riad Denise Masson Marocco, which recreates the question of public and private space. Through objects that are collected from the city, they bring the idea of ​​sculpture intertwining poses, objects, gestures and the audience.

Concept und Performance : Jasmin Ihraç and Juliana Piquero
This project is supported by Goethe Institut Marocco.


Jasmin İhraç and Juliana Piquero Rosenberg invite the audience to see the space of the Sommerbad Humboldthain from another point of view: on several stations around TROPEZ İhraç and Piquero initiate playful and interactive performances that activate the fantastic potential of the space. They suppose that the pool as a social space is made by the confrontation of different realities and playful/daily interactions. The performance and installation intend to highlight how play can be another praxis for dialogue and exchange that brings people together. How does the Sommerabad transform when its main actors are absent? The visitors can follow the artists on an eventful afternoon and experience a veritable pool parkour.

Concept, Performance and Video Installation: Jasmin Ihraç and Juliana Piquero Rosenberg
This project is supported by TROPEZ im Sommerbad Humboldthain.

Is it better with headphones?

Three persons in a room. Memories. Someone is outside. A hidden soundtrack. Dialogues. Headphones. Unknown characters. Silence. Actions. Fragmentation. In/significant actions. Cables. A story that never ends.  Dubbing. Movement. Reality. Transcription. Memory of the bodies. Microphones. Synchronization. Images. Speakers. Stills. A blond woman, a dark hair woman. Sounds. A vacuum cleaner. Descriptions. A group of men. What are you doing? We don´t stop here. A meeting. A shot. Temporalities that overlap. A police car. Fiction. The fear. Music.  A script.

In this work fiction meets reality, gender is an on going topic and characters rebuild memories through text, actions, movement and sound. Is it better with headphones? is based on the soundtrack of an iconic mystery film and examines the intersection between identity, meaning and temporality.


Concept: Juliana Piquero / Choreography: Juliana Piquero, Maya Weinberg / Performance: Catalina Fernández, Juliana Piquero, Maya Weinberg / Music, sound, lighting: Catalina Fernández / Dramaturgy: Alex Viteri

This project is supported by PACT Zollverein, Garage Tanz Berlin and Diver Festival.


Permanente Beunruhigung Vol. III

Do eras of turmoil exist? Times in which the divisions in a society become more obvious. Times in which distrust and rejection fragment the discourses. How does this affect us, how do we deal with it? Withdrawing in order to find peace is one option. For whom? Regaining one’s balance becomes a task. Or the beginning of a choreography: who is actually agitating whom?

Without agitation there is no art for us, that is to say, without doubting society and without the delight of baffling the audience.Artists at Ballhaus Naunynstraße expose themselves to these questions. They work together in new constellations, interdisciplinary, full of action. The audience may experience the beginning of a future collective. But possibly “merely” an excellent night of performances full of attracting and repulsing energy. Not knowing this is quite agitating.

By and with: Sofia Borges, Silvia Ospina, Juliana Piquero, Isabel Gonzalez Toro

A production of Kultursprünge im Ballhaus Naunynstraße gemeinnützige GmbH.

permanente behunruigung Vol III_II

she is not a girl, she is not a boy

The work questions the interstices between the public space of performativity and the intimacy of the body’s inner perceptions. What remains once ambiguity has exploded all categories? An exploration of the significance or in-significance of words and movement. A language within language haunting us back, as the fantom of what it should and should not had been.

Concept / Performance: Mmakgosi Kgabi & Juliana Piquero






The work is an amusing living simulation in a foldable spatial object. It’s the first part of a series of pieces title “Portable Silent Pieces” dedicated to the relationship between architecture and performance. In the style of a silent movie, a physical and spatial language is created. This non-verbal language serves to investigate community based housing forms, as well as other and new forms of cohabitation. Should we get used to the current living conditions? When and how does habitation end? What’s left if our living rituals are denied us?  


Concept: Michaela Muchina, Juliana Piquero, Nathalie Fari. Performance: Juliana Piquero, Nathalie Fari. Objekt, Costume: Michaela Muchina. Lighting: Catalina Fernández. Dramaturgy / Collaboration: Tamara Saphir, Yvo Wagener. Production: Nathalie Fari / atelier obra viva.

Supported by Constanza Macras/ Dorky Park and Marc Carrera/ Tatwerk / DING DONG DOM (THEATER DER ZUKUNFT)

surviving is an expedition that explores the question “What can we have more in common than a body?” From an abstract point of view, it is a dialogue between choreography, lighting and sound with a strong focus on kinetic research.

surviving_fragment II: crossed situations are fine 

Our body, what more in common do we, humans have? The second part of the trilogy “surviving” deals with the idea of the other. An encounter between bodies interrupted in time and involved in a conversation, are suspended to be recaptured. How do we dialogue and co-exist? The work “crossed situations are fine” experiments with an environment in which persons search for abilities to immerse themselves in a shared ground: exercising community, The piece maps the territory where switching nodes becomes stories, held together through invisible links connecting our bodies.

flyer_fragment II_frente

Concept: Juliana Piquero. Choreography / Performance: Abel Navarro, Juliana Piquero. Lighting / Sound: Catalina Fernández. Stage: Simon Winter, Laura Gamberg. Dramaturgy: Lidy Mouw. Production: Ulrike Straube, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse. 

A project by Juliana Piquero and Kultursprünge at the Ballhaus Naunynstraße gemeinnützige GmbH.

LOCALIZE FESTIVAL, 2014, Potsdam / Invasión Festival, 2014, Berlin / Ballhaus Naunynstrasse 2013-16, Berlin

surviving_fragment I: everything is possible in this space in between 

The first part of the work “surviving” speaks about a body in a precarious situation with the need to exchange as a natural act of human beings. But what happen if there is no body to interact with? How can this body undertake this situation as an embryonic trigger? This body has created its own utopian world where collaborative processes are expressed within an abstract structure between movement, light and sound. It is an atmospheric journey through different physical conditions. Crisis is the situation; to exchange is the strategy; responsibility is the decision and adaptation is the possibility to walk forward. “everything is possible in this space in between” is a path in which we undertake obstacles and use them as potentiated vitality.

everything is possible in this space in between_stoff

Concept / Choreography / Performance: Juliana Piquero Lighting / Sound: Catalina Fernández Choreographic collaboration: Abel Navarro / Artistic collaboration: Ana Laura Lozza

A project by Juliana Piquero and Kultursprünge at the Ballhaus Naunynstraße gemeinnützige GmbH.

TANZTAGE, 2014, Sophiensaele, Berlin / STOFF FESTIVAL, 2013, Award “Best Innovation in Performance“, Stockholm / Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, 2012-14, Berlin