The work is an amusing living simulation in a foldable spatial object. It’s the first part of a series of pieces title “Portable Silent Pieces” dedicated to the relationship between architecture and performance. In the style of a silent movie, a physical and spatial language is created. This non-verbal language serves to investigate community based housing forms, as well as other and new forms of cohabitation. Should we get used to the current living conditions? When and how does habitation end? What’s left if our living rituals are denied us? 

Concept: Michaela Muchina, Juliana Piquero, Nathalie Fari Performance: Juliana Piquero, Nathalie Fari Objekt, Costume: Michaela Muchina Lighting: Catalina Fernández Dramaturgy / Collaboration: Tamara Saphir, Yvo Wagener Production: Nathalie Fari / atelier obra viva

Supported by Constanza Macras/ Dorky Park, Tatwerk and DING DONG DOM (THEATER DER ZUKUNFT)


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