Is it better with Headphones?

Three persons in a room. Memories. Someone is outside. A hidden soundtrack. Dialogues. Headphones. Unknown characters. Silence. Actions. Fragmentation. In/significant actions. Cables. A story that never ends.  Dubbing. Movement. Reality. Transcription. Memory of the bodies. Microphones. Synchronization. Images. Speakers. Stills. A blond woman, a dark hair woman. Sounds. A vacuum cleaner. Descriptions. A group of men. What are you doing? We don´t stop here. A meeting. A shot. Temporalities that overlap. A police car. Fiction. The fear. Music.  A script.

In this work fiction meets reality, gender is an on going topic and characters rebuild memories through text, actions, movement and sound. Is it better with headphones? is based on the soundtrack of an iconic mystery film and examines the intersection between identity, meaning and temporality.

Concept: Juliana Piquero Choreography: Juliana Piquero, Maya Weinberg  Performance: Catalina Fernández, Juliana Piquero, Maya Weinberg Music, sound, lighting: Catalina Fernández  Dramaturgy: Alex Viteri

This production is supported by PACT Zollverein, Garage Tanz Berlin, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Diver Festival and Teatro Pradillo


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